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1563. Frederik d. 2 established the Royal halberdier guard - Denmark's first uniformed royal bodyguard - consisting of 100 identical uniformed personal bodyguards employed by

the court, and under the direct command of the king himself. The royal halberdiers were all experienced and skilled soldiers with officer rank, and had to accompany and protect the king in war and in peacetime, at sea and on land. They had the inner palace guard duty, and were from 1661 also guards at the Supreme Court. In addition, the halberdiers took part in ceremonial events such as coronations and funerals, as well as taking care of work that had to be done, such as guarding royal weapons and money transports and as riding messengers and letter carriers. As weapons they had halberds, later partisans, swords and from 1703 muskets.

The Halberdiers' characteristic uniforms with a tall black hat, white pipe collar, striped shirt, striped baggy trousers and knitted stockings in the Oldenburg yellow and red colors reflected the highest fashion of the time.

After Frederik II's death in 1588, the Royal Halberdier guard served under another six Danish kings, and participated in the many wars of the period, especially against Sweden. Not so few Halberdiers have left their lives on the battlefields. The Royal halberdier guard was disbanded by Frederik V in 1763.